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MC available for hire, based in New South Wales

David Cummings: Comedy with a corporate angle

How does it work?

This is a pain-free method of including comedy in your conference or after-dinner. Come to that, at breakfast. It’s clever and it’s classy.

David Cummings poses as a Very Important Person.

Usually a consultant from the UK or a company executive

The audience thinks he is real, why shouldn’t they? This man is very powerful and convincing.

He wades into sacred cows like teamwork, leadership and customer service. It comes out as the opposite of anything you have ever heard. Getting laughs all the way. Some audience members are appalled. Others agree with his outrageous opinions. A manager from ICI said, ‘For the first 15 minutes I was ready to worship at your feet as the great god of leadership - ah well, I’ll have to keep on searching.’

Into the comedy

Staying in character as the ‘expert’, David moves seamlessly into comedy.

Keeping it tasteful but funny. Staying in character as the management consultant. Revealing his real identity at the very end.

Tailored for you

20 years as a TV comedy writer in the UK and Australia has given David the expertise to tailor the presentation to your industry or organisation. At the briefing you can give him the information he needs to do just that. As a businessman himself (especially with his company The Newsletter People) David has learned a lot about the corporate world. He uses this business knowledge as the basis for much of his humour.

A new presentation from David Cummings:

Work Life Balance: The Impossible Dream (WLBTID).

This is not a hoax. This is a serious subject treated with no respect at all. Because after many years of hoaxing David knows makes the corporate audience laugh.

Professor David Cummings talks for 30 minutes about your life at work, at home, with your children, travelling and concludes that you haven’t a hope in hell of balancing these things out.

WLBTID can go in your programme as a comical send-up. Or you can pretend it is going to be serious and then hit them with the jokes.

The gags start from the first minute and keep up to the end with some funny stories and a little touch of observation. Last time we counted there were 72 laughs, an average of more than two per minute.

WLBTID is versatile. It fits in after-dinner, before dinner, at breakfast, at a conference, anywhere you want your people have relax and unwind. No wonder David does not have to give away free drinks or take his clothes off, it’s all down to being funny.

Who is David Cummings?

He is a man whose integrity and honesty have never been questioned, nor indeed even mentioned. The professor is a speaker on the corporate circuit. As a businessman he has run his own companies. Some of these have been non-profit organisations. He didn’t mean them to be, they just turned out that way. David was born and raised in London. He came to live in Sydney 25 years ago. Today he works mainly as a business consultant.

David is someone who has been paid money all his working life for writing and talking to people. Born in London, he began his career as a salesman by day and comedian by night. For 20 years he wrote TV shows for comedians Dave Allen, Dick Emery, Kenneth Williams, Rolf Harris and many, many more. Still performing all the while. In 1983 David was brought to Sydney by Reg Grundy to work for Grundy TV. Then he switched to the business world, making corporate videos and producing newsletters for Qantas, BHP, Remington, Wyeth, Legal & General, UBD, Contiki and Permanent Trustee.

Now he is back where he started, making people laugh in public. Presenting a hoax, folks.

His clients have included: H.I.H, OneTel, Visy-Board and ABC Learning. He calls his talk: Work-life balance - the impossible dream.

"“David provided the most wonderful entertainment, starting off in a very low-key manner and gradually introducing unforgettable anecdotes and jokes which had the whole ballroom convulsed in laughter. David is a consummate professional, whose attention to the detail of the event and his connection to all the nurses in the room was so well received." Westmead Intensive Care Unit Ball

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