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Kids' Entertainment available for hire, based in Victoria

The creation of MISTER WHISKERS and his dog SMIGGY has proved to be a sensation.

Since coming into the world of childhood wonder, two music books, four full length videos and four albums in the series have been released.

MISTER WHISKERS and his dog SMIGGY travel the world and if they haven’t travelled over the hills and far away it’s because they travel in a caravan towed behind a tricycle.

MISTER WHISKERS lives in a world of fun, dance, music and songs…….every song is a different colour. The sun, the moon, donkeys, ducks, fish and birds are his friends and if it rains then that’s all the more reason for singing.

When MISTER WHISKERS comes to town flowers wave, cats and dogs dance together and all the children sing, ‘HELLO MISTER WHISKERS’.

Everywhere MISTER WHISKERS goes his little dog SMIGGY goes with him. With one eye blue and one yellow, Smiggy sees the world as a place of fun and play and for anyone who loves fun and play there is no better friend than MISTER WHISKERS.

The captivating creation of Franciscus Henri, one of Australia’s most enduring performers and writers in the medias of theatre, radio, music and television for children.

He has headed theatre productions and concert tours in all states and territories of Australia and indeed shared music and theatre stages with children all over the world - in Singapore, Canada and Europe.

It is from his extensive catalogue that Franciscus draws from for his live performances. His shows are complete pieces of musical theatre, interweaving songs and stories and Franciscus’ background as an art teacher, set designer and musical director in a theatre company have all combined to create an approach to theatre and music for children that is unique.

With seven consecutive ARIA nominations, Franciscus is not only loved by his audience, but equally respected by his peers.

Franciscus acknowledges the immense importance music and play have in the lives of young children, enhancing their learning ability as well as bringing great joy and celebration.

The outstanding output of ‘MISTER WHISKERS’ – with eighteen albums of music for children testifies the appeal across time and generations that this unique performer and writer has.

Franciscus’ wealth of experience gained from his many performances in front of the toughest audiences of them all is put to good use in crafting his music. ‘MISTER WHISKERS and his dog SMIGGY’ is another gem ‘for all the young at heart’.

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