Little Yarra Ensemble, the

Little Yarra Ensemble, the-1

World Music available for hire, based in Victoria

The Little Yarra Ensemble is a group of student musicians and teachers who have come together to pursue their love of music and performance. Embracing the “world music” genre, their repertoire draws from a number of cultural sources including lively Gypsy rhythms, traditional Jewish music, Celtic, African and Latin tunes and Australian contemporary music.

Performances comprise instrumental pieces, vocal choir and solo voice in an exhilarating mix of youthful energy and refined sophistication which audiences find irresistible. Folk music is the music that has come out of the social realm; It is the music of the people. The Ensemble taps the folk music traditions of the world, from the pulsating rhythms of Africa to the enchanting melodies of the Middle East, following the ancient musical heritage of the Gypsies into Eastern Europe and then on to Celtic Ireland, stopping off in the cathedrals of Western Europe for a touch of baroque elegance. Performances are lively and soulful, and the result is music that is both inspirational and thoroughly enjoyable.