Magician - Brendan Mon Tanner

Magician - Brendan Mon Tanner-1

Magician available for hire, based in New South Wales

Tanner's Magic has a reputation in the Entertainment Industry to be one of the most exciting and dynamic entertainment shows in Australia. The production has worked extensively at all major venues across Australia and overseas and has amazed audiences in Hawaii, Guam, Singapore, New Zealand, Bangkok, Japan, South Korea and parts of the U.S.A.

Television Entertainment includes: 'Hey Hey its Saturday', 'Midday Show', 'Good Morning Australia', 'Till Ten', 'Gibbo at Five' and overseas Television talk shows: Sky Channel and Foxtel.

Corporate Entertainment includes: 'Coca Cola', 'Pepsi', 'TNT', 'Cannon', 'Avon', 'British Airways', 'Singapore Airlines', 'Ansett', 'A.G.C', -'I.B.M'., 'GIO', 'Microsoft' 'Mushroom Records', 'Sony', 'Ever-ready', 'Harvey Norman', 'Telstra' 'Nomad', and 'Optus' etc.

Brendan Mon Tanner is a professional entertainer with over 18 years experience; he has successfully created and presented award-winning entertainment for children, family and adult audiences.

Brendan has produced customised shows for presentations, special events and public performances. His spectacular and dynamic productions include close up magic as well as stand up comedy. His experience and proven track record means that you can rest assured that all of Brendan Mon Tanner's Magic presentations are appropriate, professional and entertaining.

SURE FIRE ENTERTAINMENT that will create lasting memory and extremely positive reactions in all who experience it.

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Three Entertainment Options guaranteed to make your event more enjoyable than ever before


Walkaround Entertainment. One of the most important factors in creating a really special event, is to make sure your guests start having fun right-away. Minutes after they arrive, you'll be delighted to hear gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained, as cards, coins, and other objects seem to come to life right before their very eyes. Also balloon sculpting for the young at heart. Brendon Mon Tanner's Walkabout Entertainment will make the lasting positive impression you desire.


In a Magic and Illusions show, witness some of the most spectacular illusions ever seen. This is a presentation that has a reputation in the entertainment industry, as being one of the most exciting magic production shows in Australia. See Brendan Mon Tanner produce dancing girls, slice a person into three parts, shrink a human body to 6 inches and disappear almost anything before your very eyes, plus more exciting, dangerous and spectacular feats. Entertainment also includes high energy dance numbers with lighting effects, comedy that will leave you in stitches and includes audience participation. This is the perfect presentation if you are thinking of planning something more spectacular for your next special event.

Note: This Presentation can be tailored and customised to each specific Industry. Price range; depending on scale and scope of the event.

"Brendan Mon Tanner is one of the most exciting and dynamic magicians we have ever seen here at Universal Studios. American audiences loved his Australian humour and his action packed entertainment. Hopefully we'll see the Magic Man from down under, return here again, sometime in the near future." Johnson Peters, 'Universal Studios' USA Corporate entertainment Co-ordinator

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Brendan for creating and producing the most entertaining magic and illusion shows I have ever seen in Australia. The event was a huge success and I look forward to next year’s performance." Ken Gilnnam. 'N.S. W. Sports Council

"Another standing ovation for first class entertainment the comedy was captivating and your ' had the crowd mesmerized. Also, combining our Product in with the magic show was fascinating. The convention was one of the most successful on record. I will certainly use you again in the near future." Sue Lee, 'Cannon', Singapore