The Astronauts

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Roving Character available for hire, based in Victoria

A sensational new act from Kate Hunter (Style Bandits, Clench Object Theatre) and David Wells (Born in a Taxi, Urban Dream Capsule). Kate and David started working together at the beginning of 2003 with the aim to create artistic work that is strongly visual, extraordinary and entertaining for all. The Astronauts are the absolute whiz bang giant leap forward for mankind.

The performers are entirely encapsulated in inflatable suits with electronic voice-boxes, extendable arms and various lights and gadgetry.

Explore new worlds with them. Go where no-one has gone before.

Warp speed. Hyper drive. WOW! The Crab Nebula. Space the final frontier!

Airtight, vacuum-packed, interactive and ridiculous, The Astronauts are 2 cubic metres of futuristic lunacy. Beep beep beep TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!